Processing a variety of raw materials and alternative processes

Processing materials

Processing a variety of raw materials

We have experience in processing a variety of raw materials used as feed or applied otherwise.

Raw materialOutputApplied forWe help you with
AlfalfaAlfalfa pelletsAlfalfa pellets are a source of calories for horses, because they are forage-based. Solutions for the complete process
Soybean hullsSoybean hulls pelletsSoya Hulls is rich in fibre and are used as an energy inclusion in diets for most ruminant stock.

Soybean hulls are a by-product of soybean processing for soybean oil and soybean meal, obtained by the dehulling of the beans.

Pelleting process
Beet pulp Beet pulp pelletsBeet pulp is the high energy and fibrous portion left after the sugar has been extracted from the sugar beet.

Beet pulp pellets can be used as a forage extender or concentrate feed.

Pelleting process
Citrus pulpCitrus pelletsCitrus pellets is a by-product of citrus processing and are used as a cereal substitute in ruminant feed

(mainly dairy cattle, beef cattle and sheep).

Pelleting process
Sun flower meal and hullsSun flower pelletsPellets from sun flower hulls are a by-product of the sunflower oil extraction process and applied as an ingredient for animal feed and may also be used as a biofuel.Pelleting process
DDGSDDGS pelletsDistillers Dry Grains with Solubles (DDGS) is a by-product from ethanol and biofuel production and is often used as an ingredient in pig and poultry feed but may also be pressed into pellets which are used as ruminant feed.
The high energy, protein and phosphorus content of DDGS make it a very attractive partial replacement for some of the more expensive traditional ingredients used in animal feed.
Pelleting process
StrawStraw pelletsStraw pellets are applied as animal bedding (horses)Complete production process
Manure of chickenChicken Manure PelletsChicken manure is an organic fertilizer used for soil improvement.Complete production process
Wood chipsWood pelletsUsed as biofuelGrinding process

Alternative processes

Alternative processes

ProcessProcess applicationWe help
you with
Extrusion Extrusion is used as an alternative to pelleting.

Compared to pelleting, the extrusion process involves considerably higher temperature, pressure, and water content.

Extrusion is used in the production of fish feed, which requires high energy content and high digestibility. Due to the variable bulk density, it is possible to produce feed for different types of fish, as some require diets with pellets that float in the surface of the water, others require pellets that remain stable in the water for a long period.

Extrusion is also very commonly used in the production of pet feed. The pellets are available in all kinds of shapes, such as stars, rings, etc.

Complete production process
ExpandingExpanding is used as an alternative conditioning process

Choosing the correct pre-treatment of compounds can be crucial for the feed output. The compound is conditioned in the feed expander through a kneading process under high pressure, which results in further increase of the compound’s temperature.

Compared to a hygieniser an expander can reach higher temperatures.
Its power consumption is high though and with the expander, skilled operators are needed and there is risk of system blockage that increases with the rising starch content of the formula.

Complete production process
FlakingFlaking is used as an alternative to pelleting.

Especially for horses and ruminants such as cows, flaked feed has the same effect as roughages would provide because of its volume and small gravity.

Complete production process
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