About us

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When high-quality equipment is the key to your success. When even the smallest detail can make a big difference. And when a single machine or component must be the strongest link in the feed production chain. Then Van Aarsen is your vital link!


The men and women of Van Aarsen
Tradition is part of our DNA. We are proud to be part of a respected company with a name that has been looked up to in the industry since 1949 as one of the most respected manufacturers and developers of machinery in animal feed and premix production. We are stable workers and solid in our beliefs of delivering quality and perfection.


What we do
We produce and develop state-of-the-art machines, and complete feed mill and premix plant solutions. We provide optimal expertise and certainty. We have become a worldwide “household name” in machines and turnkey projects for animal feed and premix technology, both for commercial producers and for vertically integrated businesses.


How we do it
In a solid, approachable, businesslike way, that is based on a long-term relational partnership and commitment.


Why we do what we do
Feed is vital.
Feed is growth.
Feed is progress.
Feed makes life as we know it possible!

To meet the growing demand for protein rich food, we provide innovative and sustainable solutions for the compound feed industry and are one of the top players in this market segment.

Our expertise, customer-oriented approach, and innovative solutions result in sustainable and efficient compound feed plants with an optimal price/performance ratio.

We want to belong to the top in feed and premix technology in the world

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