We start with your special needs and end with ‘the perfect fit.’

Tailor-made Process

Give us an idea of what you need

Your objectives and level of ambition are our starting point in helping you build the feed mill that fits your needs. Tailor-made processes demand the closest, personal cooperation. Effective communicating at Van Aarsen is therefore not just a question of language, but of commitment and the search for the optimal solution for your specific situation.Capacity. Number of recipes. Health and safety. Feed safety. Energy efficiency. Local climatic influences. Continuity, Total cost of ownership… Just a few factors that influence the ideal layout of your feed mill. The Van Aarsen Fit selector helps you to determine the best fit and adds value before the engineering project reaches the production line. Another Van Aarsen asset that improves performance and certainty of your investment without extra cost!

Van Aarsen Crumbler

Intake and cleaning

The cleaning of raw materials ensures a probleem-free total process and a high-quality semi-finished or end product.


Dosing and weighing

The perfect end product and the most economical production method are dependent on the right dosage. Precise harmonization of the components demands a high level of dosing and weighing accuracy.



Grinding or particla-size reduction is a major function of feed manufacturing, enhancing the mixing process and ensuring the desired pellet quality.



In the mixers a wide range of raw materials, additives and liquids are mixed into a homogeneous animal feed mixture to enable you to produce perfect compound feed.



The meal is heat treated by the addition of steam in the conditioner before entering the pellet mill. The variables moisture, temperature and time determine the optimal nutritional quality as well as the pellet quality.



In the pellet mill, the hot meal is transformed into feed pellets. Animal feed pellets can be produced in several diameters and hardness's.



The pellets will be cooled in a counter flow cooler.



Depending on the product, post pellet liquid addition can be applied.



The finished products are prepared for shipment whether this is in bulk or bags.



A feed mill that produces the required capacity is vital to maximize your investment. We offer the certainty of an investment that provides the capacity that is foreseen in your plan.


Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE)

The health and safety of your employees as well as the protection of the environment in the communities in which we live and work are important. We have experience in building feed mills with limited noise emission, dust emission and easy and safe working circumstances.


Energy efficiency

In these times of rising energy prices, shortage of resources, emissions targets and changing legislation, the compound feed industry is challenged with limiting energy consumption.


Feed safety

Feed safety and quality are key issues for all companies handling feed and can have serious consequences when control is lost. A systematic approach is required for reducing risk and improving quality.



The certainty to deliver timely to your customers and livestock is key for a healthy growth and the quality of the food products that they supply. With our focus on limiting maintenance and preventing downtime the livestock will always have the feed they need, when they need it.


Total cost of ownership

The acquisition costs of a machine are just half the truth. The operation costs determine the real investment in your machine.



The feed should be perfectly adapted to the specific type of livestock, their age and purpose. And the farmer is the specialist in creating those optimal circumstances for the correct and healthy development of this livestock. No wonder that a differentiation in recipes is more and more required. We can help you to create just the perfect production process with optimal flexibility.

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