Exactly how strong is the link between you and your supplier

Our approach in global feed mills


Global feed mill experience adapted to local know-how

Our approach

From concept to completion

Van Aarsen thinks and acts with you from initial idea to final completion. Dozens of turnkey feed mill and premix projects all over the world are the convincing evidence that we know how to offer the certainty of an investment that provides maximum added value. Seeing is believing. There is nothing more convincing than an actual project working well!

Our Approach

Defining together the optimal feed mill solution

Our approach of doing business is focusing on your objectives. We want to know how you do your business. What your expectations of quality are. What type of compound feed you want to produce. We take the time to understand all the subtleties underlying the different aspects of your feed mill or premix plant. We consider the exchange of knowledge important to maximize performance together.

Engineering to maximize performance

Realizing excellence when it comes to performance in your compound feed or premix production facility starts with engineering. It takes the input of your requirements, our engineering expertise and process know-how to build your feed mill in a configuration that will give you a competitive edge. Leading feed millers worldwide have trusted us for over 65 years in developing the best solution for their specific situation, tailored to their needs and local conditions. We trust we can satisfy you, too.

Our Approach

Guaranteeing excellent quality and reliable machines

Van Aarsen machines, produced at our facilities in The Netherlands, are part of a processing configuration with a clear defined input and output. The best performance – cost ratio for your machines forms the basis of our offer.

Our approach for careful project management, the key to your success

Whatever the challenge… you will benefit from a fully controlled project as a direct result of our internal Van Aarsen organization, combining all disciplines under one roof. We recognize the importance of personal communication and provide a direct line of contact between your project site and our main office. Van Aarsen project management brings you peace of mind in the knowledge that all your requirements are taken care, providing you with the confidence that the project can deliver to:

  • Time
  • Budget
  • Quality
Our Approach

Helping your people make the difference

To help you maximize the capacity in your feed mill or premix plant, Van Aarsen advantages include on-site training of your employees. From initial start-up to operational fine-tuning. If desired, we can also perform a site survey, to support your local management in achieving the most economical and beneficial results based on the local situation and circumstances.

Your continued success is our care

Once your feed mill or premix plant is up and running, the idea is to keep it operating efficiently and profitably! This is where the Van Aarsen policy of ‘your continued success is our care’ comes into action. Regular maintenance, reliable service, fast response times and the availability of spare parts are crucial when it comes to limiting costs, decreasing downtimes, raising revenues and thus overall performance.

Our Approach
Our Approach

The link between the past and your future

We have learned our competences in feed mill and premix technologies the right way. Step-by-step. Steady development. Solid growth. Van Aarsen since 1949. Part of feed milling history and its modern evolution. Shaping the future of feed milling by anticipating changes, sharing knowledge and continuously investing in new developments is how we help you face challenges of lowering costs, improving quality and maximizing performance… Van Aarsen: building on the past, shaping the future!

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