The Dzerzhinskiy Project

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In Belarus, near Minsk, Van Aarsen International undertook a remarkable project that showcased our expertise in feed mill modernization and our ability to design compact machines to fit into existing buildings with limited space. This ambitious endeavor, known as the Dzerzhinskiy Project, not only breathed new life into an aging feed mill but also ensured optimal production efficiency, sustainability, and hygiene.

Van Aarsen's involvement in the Dzerzhinskiy Project was rooted in the need to modernize the existing feed mill. Situated within the Dzerzhinskiy Agricultural Complex, the goal was to transform an outdated facility into a state-of-the-art production line. The catch was that production had to continue throughout this transformation, with a mere one-month interruption.

Despite this challenge, Van Aarsen is known for its competence in feed mill modernization. Our ability to create compact, space-efficient machine designs made us the perfect fit for this project. We harnessed this reputation to embark on a mission that would reinvigorate the Dzerzhinskiy feed mill and elevate it to new heights of productivity and quality.

A new production line

The existing concrete building housing the feed mill was in excellent condition and provided the necessary space for a new Van Aarsen production line. Following the connection of the new line to the existing silos and a seamless startup, the outdated production line was dismantled. This created valuable space, which was utilized to introduce additional installations, including a coating line and a second pelleting line.

By maximizing the use of the existing infrastructure, Van Aarsen was able to significantly reduce the overall investment required for the project. This approach aligns with our commitment to cost-effectiveness and sustainable practices.


One of the most significant achievements of the modernization was the creation of a clean and dust-free environment within the facility. The existing concrete building facilitated this goal, ensuring optimal hygiene and providing a comfortable working atmosphere for the personnel.

Even in harsh winter conditions, with temperatures plummeting to as low as minus 25 degrees Celsius, the facility maintained its dust-free environment. This is a testament to our dedication to creating workspaces that meet the highest standards of cleanliness and functionality.


To support the feed mill's operations, raw materials arrive via train and truck, which are then stored in existing raw material silos. Bulk minerals are received and stored in six newly installed silos, significantly improving the efficiency of raw material handling. Our process begins with meticulous raw material cleaning using a drum cleaner and a magnet.

Weighing & Dosing

Afterward, these materials are precisely weighed in long bin weighers and dosed accordingly. Micro ingredients, such as premixes, are typically supplied in small bags and are manually added to the micro ingredient dosing systems. 


The next step is grinding the raw materials in a hammer mill, with an effective filtration system ensuring the air used for grinding is clean and free of contaminants.


Vertical transport of raw materials and semi-finished products is efficiently handled through the use of bucket elevators. Horizontal transportation is managed by chain conveyors, ensuring a seamless workflow. These micro-ingredients are fed directly into the mixer.


Our advanced automation system, an integral part of this project, allows for total control of the feed mill. This system provides operators with clear visual displays and tools for optimization and bottleneck analysis, streamlining operations, and enhancing efficiency.

A future-proof investment

The modernized production line at Dzerzhinskiy Agricultural Complex is more than a testament to Van Aarsen's expertise; it is a testimony to the vision and determination of our partners and collaborators. The result is a future-proof production line capable of handling higher capacity, ensuring flexibility in raw material handling and diversity, and promoting Salmonella-free, high-quality feed production.

Moreover, this project is a demonstration of how efficiency and productivity can be achieved with fewer employees, emphasizing our commitment to innovation and sustainable practices.

Van Aarsen's role in modernizing this feed mill exemplifies our ability to turn challenges into opportunities, making us the vital link in transforming an outdated facility into a cutting-edge, efficient, and hygienic feed production powerhouse.

In the Dzerzhinskiy Project, Van Aarsen modernized the existing feed mill, resulting in:

Van Aarsen is the essential link in the modernization of the Dzerzhinskiy feed mill, providing a seamless, efficient, and sustainable transformation.

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