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New Panay Agri-Ventures Development, decided to build a new 30-ton fully automated factory as response to the growing demand for their high-quality animal feed, branded "Love Feeds’’. With this new factory New Panay Agri-Ventures Development invests in its future. By choosing state of the art production technology combined with sophisticated feed mill automation, New Panay is able to extend its product range under the Love Feeds brand with more high quality feeds, while simultaneously increasing production with minimum energy consumption and maximum benefit to feed safety.

Van Aarsen, was selected to build this feed mill. This was based on good experiences from the past and the fact that Van Aarsen could supply the high level of technology and engineering capability New Panay required. The result is a full option factory that includes production lines for hygienized meal and pelleted feeds.

Raw Materials

Raw meterials are received at one of the three intake pits and cleaned by magnet cleaners. From all three intake pits the raw matgerials can be transported directly to the dosing silos. As most raw materials are supplied in small bags, intake is time consuming. Having three intake pits ensures a constant intake of raw materials and prevents it from becoming a bottle neck in the production process. From the existing intake pit 3 the large raw material silo’s can be reached. The intake pit in silos had been installed a few years earlier by another supplier. Van Aarsen connected this equipment to the new feed mill by a bridge and integrated this intake in the automation system.

Weighing & Dosing

From the dosing silos the raw materials are weighed and dosed in the 3000 kg long bin weigher or the 500 kg weigher.

Sieving & Grinding

Next, the raw materials are sieved in the sieving machine. The fines are removed and dosed directly into the hopper above the mixer. They do not need to pass through the hammer mill, saving energy in the grinding process and wear parts of the hammer mill. In de GD hammer mill with frequency-controlled motor, the raw materials are ground to the correct size and structure. 

Micro components are dosed accurately and quickly in the 2 micro and 2 small ingredient dosing units.


All components of the formula are blended in the 6000 litre single shaft paddle mixer to a homogeneous mixture. There is also a possibility to add 2 liquids in the paddle mixer.

Conditioning and Pelleting

The compound is transported to the steam conditioner from the mixer and passes through the long term vessel. By keeping the meal for 4 minutes on a temperature of minimal 85 degrees, the pathogenic germs such as salmonella are killed, hygienizing the meal. The hygienized meal can be transformed into pellets or it can leave the factory as a unique, safe- hygienized meal feed. In that case the meal will be cooled in the double deck-batch meal cooler.


The cooling process may cause a de-mixing of the ingredients. By post mixing them in the twin shaft Multimix-coaters, the meal is blended again into a homogenous mixture. After bagging off, the meal compound leaves the factory. The meal can also be transported to the pellet mills where it is compressed into pellets. The pellet mills are equipped with the motor operated roller adjustment. When producing pellets, setting the corrects roller distance to the die, is one of the main factors to guarantee correct pellet quality. Thanks to a link to the factory automation system the correct roller setting is selected automatically for established recipe settings. This CU Dynamic pellet mill is also equipped with a slow turning device which strongly reduces the time for changing the die. The built-in active roller slip control system detects slip and takes immediate action, preventing a blockage of the pellet mill. This control system reduces downtime due to roller slip by 95%! After the pellet mill the pellets are cooled. 

If required, the double deck mesh cooler can also be used for cooling pellets. In that case only the lowest cooler deck is in operation. 3 temperature sensors continuously monitor the pellets' temperature and release them when the temperature of 5 degrees above ambient temperature is reached. This is a benefit in countries such as the Philippines where ambient temperature can be high. It speeds up the process, saving energy and preventing pellets from losing moisture. The cooling air is sucked in from the outside and passes through HEPA filters which guarantees extra fine purification of the cooling air. 


After the cooler the pellets are transported to the sieves where they are freed from dust. The dust is fed back to the pellet mills. In the twin shaft pellet coater, enzymes and fats can be added to maximize the nutritional value and energy level of the feed.

Finished feed

Post pelleting liquids addition has benefits compared to the addition of liquids on the batch mixer. It prevents an overdose of precious enzymes which are heat sensitive and would only partly survive the heat treatment in the pelleting line. Next the pellets are transported to finished feed silos where a sample taker is integrated in the line. New Panay Agri-Ventures Development has chosen to keep the 8 finished feed silos small and ensure bagging off within 48 hours preventing the forming of mold in the silos which is particular a risk in the rainy season.


With help of the sophisticated Van Aarsen-Engie feed mill automation system, the feed mill is operated by only 3 operators. Apart from an efficient operation, the automation system offers full insight in process parameters which helps to monitor, analyze and continuously optimize the feed production process. New Panay Agri-Ventures Development cares for its farmers and the people who consume the meat and underlines that safe food starts with safe feed.

This new factory with:

Ensures that their love feeds brand continues to be of top quality and preferred brand in the area. For New Panay Agri-Ventures Development, Van Aarsen is the vital link in building this new Factory!

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