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In a remarkable partnership, Van Aarsen International and Marcela Farms, have achieved a milestone in the world of agriculture. The launch of Marcela Farms' third feed mill is not just a momentous occasion; it represents a paradigm shift in agro-industrial development. 

The new feed mill, equipped with cutting-edge Dutch technology, is poised to revolutionize the feed production process and contribute to the broader goals of food security and sustainability.

Marcela Farms has unveiled a multi-story feed mill that incorporates the latest equipment from Van Aarsen International. This state-of-the-art facility, boasting an impressive output capacity of 30 tons per hour, stands as one of Asia's few large-scale feed mills.

Automation & process

At the heart of this remarkable endeavor lies an automated feed production line that seamlessly manages intake, grinding, mixing, pelleting, and bagging of both animal and aqua feeds. This line caters to the diverse dietary requirements of Marcela Farms' livestock and aqua operations while simultaneously optimizing waste management.



The feed mill project not only bolsters food security in the region but also aligns with the vision of agricultural development in Bohol. Governor Aris Aumentado emphasizes the importance of this initiative in enhancing hog and poultry feed production, positioning the region as a primary reserve of these vital products.

The collaboration between Van Aarsen International and Marcela Farms has not only resulted in a groundbreaking feed mill but also represents a shared commitment to advancing agriculture in Bohol and beyond.

This new factory with:

For Marcela Farms, Van Aarsen is the vital link of the Marcela Farms feed mill project.

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