Las Camelias

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In the lush landscapes of Villaguay, Entre Rios, Argentina, the story of Las Camelias unfolds. Established in 2006-2007, this animal feed production facility has emerged as a beacon of efficiency, powered by Van Aarsen's cutting-edge technology. 

Operating at a remarkable 90 tph, Las Camelias stands testament to the seamless integration of precision and innovation in feed manufacturing.


At the heart of Las Camelias lies the grinding section, boasting the formidable GD-950 hammer mill. This technological marvel combines efficient grinding with minimal energy consumption, operating at an optimal tip speed of 1500 rpm. Compliant with the latest safety and hygiene standards, the enclosed housing ensures safety and easy screen exchange, creating an environment free from "dead" corners and dust-related risks.


Las Camelias elevates efficiency with a rotary feeder drum, complete with automatic cleaning magnet, ensuring a regulated supply of product with precision. The fully-automated milling facility includes a Horizontal Batch Mixer Type 6000/2 LTR, offering a maximum holding capacity of 6 m3. This mixer, with its electric pneumatically operated bomb-door and double-working air cylinders, ensures a homogeneous mixture with minimal load requirements.


The pelleting section at Las Camelias operates with finesse, featuring a meal dosing conveyor in special construction and a conditioner for C900. The incorporation of an automatic steam quantity control system ensures a precise and controlled pelleting process, setting the stage for the PelletMill "Compact 900."

Control Panel and Beyond

A sophisticated control panel governs Las Camelias, orchestrating crucial functions like interlockings, load control, temperature control, and automatic lubrication. The plant boasts a crumbler type Double KR16.2, equipped with a by-pass valve and air-operated functions, showcasing a commitment to meticulous control and precision.

This factory with:

A partnership built on precision, innovation, and efficiency. In every pellet produced, witness the echo of excellence – a testament to our commitment to quality, safety, and the relentless pursuit of feeding a thriving world. Your journey to unparalleled feed production starts with Van Aarsen.

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