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In response to the growing demand for high-quality piglet feed, De Heus embarked on a transformative project. This demand led to the rebuilding of the existing De Heus Andel factory to a dedicated factory producing solely premium piglet feed. Van Aarsen International played a vital role in realizing this project.

Initially, De Heus made adjustments to meet the increased demand for concentrated piglet feed. However, as the volume of concentrated feed required grew significantly, inefficiencies and processing difficulties arose. This led to the need for a more comprehensive solution.

De Heus joined forces with Van Aarsen International. This collaboration marked the beginning of a journey to create a specialized production line that could cater to the unique needs of premium piglet feed.

Precision & Innovation

The construction of the new production line was meticulously planned, and materials were delivered exactly on schedule. Despite the need for adaptations to existing production processes, Van Aarsen ensured that production continued seamlessly. Challenges were met with innovative solutions, and the overall project experience was positive.

Premium Piglet Feed Production

The result of this collaborative effort is truly remarkable. The new production line not only increased the speed of production but also brought about tangible improvements in both the capacity and quality of the piglet feed. This achievement is a source of immense pride for both De Heus and Van Aarsen.

Unique Features

The De Heus Andel Biggenvoer Factory is unique in the Netherlands, as it is solely dedicated to the production of piglet feed and milk for young piglets. Every aspect of the factory is meticulously designed to maintain consistent premium-quality piglet feed. Raw material selection, including sourcing from specific regions, is integral to achieving this level of quality and consistency.

The De Heus Andel Biggenvoer Factory is a testament to the value of collaboration and the ability to adapt to evolving market needs. As De Heus and Van Aarsen look to the future, we remain committed to driving innovation and excellence in the production of high-quality animal feed. This project exemplifies the dedication to delivering top-tier animal nutrition and signifies a significant milestone in feed production.

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