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We were honored to collaborate with City Group in constructing their new feed mill for City Feed Products Ltd., a testament to our commitment to excellence.

City Group's core strength lies in its unwavering commitment to delivery promises, an unyielding pursuit of quality, and cherished relationships with customers, employees, and all societal segments. As a regional industry leader, City Group sets an example and inspires others, recognized with the prestigious Asia’s Greatest Brands & Leaders 2020-21 award by AsiaOne Magazine & URS Media Consulting PL. Mr. Fazlur Rahman, the Honorable Chairman, has been acknowledged as Asia’s greatest leader, and TEER, the brand, as Asia’s greatest brand.

City Feed Products Ltd. commenced operations in 2004 and recently underwent a significant upgrade in 2022, boasting a staggering total production of 111 tph across nine production lines, culminating in an annual production of 720,000 tons. This state-of-the-art feed mill ensures a consistent quality of a full range of poultry, fish, and cattle feeds, processing carefully selected raw materials in a modern and controlled environment.

Aqua Feed Production Lines

Production Line 1: Sinking Shrimp Feed 
- Fine grinding with Van Aarsen hammermill on 1mm screen
- Mixing with adding of micro ingredients and liquids in one mixer
- Pelleting with Van Aarsen pellet mill (Ø1.8mm to Ø4mm)
- Advanced post-pelleting treatment for long water stability
- Drying and cooling with an energy-efficient heat exchange system

Production Line 2: Extrusion Sinking and Floating Starter Feed 
- Fine grinding with Reynolds pulverizer for micro pellets
- Mixing with adding of micro ingredients and liquids in one mixer
- Extrusion with Wenger twin screw extruder (Ø0.6mm to Ø1.5mm)
- Automatic density control for requested floating/sinking characteristics
- Integrated two-pass drying and one-pass cooler

Production Line 3: Extrusion Sinking and Floating Feed 
- Fine grinding with existing hammermill
- Mixing with adding of micro ingredients and liquids in one mixer
- Extrusion with double screw extruder for floating fish feed
- Waste recycle system to reduce startup waste
- Integrated drying and cooling unit

Unlocking Precision in Intake and Dosing

Embark on a journey of efficiency with our state-of-the-art intake and dosing system. Boasting a robust 260 tph bag intake mechanism, coupled with a meticulous cleaning section for raw materials, we ensure an uninterrupted flow in our production process. The integration of a pre-grinding section enhances the overall processing efficiency, setting the stage for a seamless operation. Our dosing section, equipped with 2 weighers and double dosing screws, stands as a testament to precision in formulation. Dive into innovation as we present three distinct production lines tailored for Aqua feed, each designed to meet the evolving demands of the industry.

Crafting Excellence in Cattle Feed Production

In the heart of our feed mill lies the Cattle Feed Production Line, a symphony of technology and efficiency. Picture a post-grinding setup that achieves an impressive 40 t/h in a meticulously designed grinding-mixing line. The GD1400 hammer mill, operating at 30 t/h, joins forces with an existing hammer mill (10 t/h) to ensure a powerful grinding process. Our 8000-liter MultiMix single shaft paddle mixer, facilitating 40 tph, takes center stage in maintaining a clean main mixing process. As we delve into pelleting, witness the innovation with three Pelleting lines (40 t/h each), equipped with the Long Term Vessel (LTV) for unparalleled conditioning. The CU900/275 dynamic system produces 20 t/h 6mm pellets, complemented by two existing systems each at 10 t/h. The journey doesn't end there – eight finished feed silos totaling 480m³ and four Bagging off lines (total 40 t/h) underscore our commitment to efficiency and quality.

Revolutionizing Poultry Feed Production

Step into the future with our Poultry Feed Production Line, a dynamic fusion of capacity and precision. With a dual grinding-mixing setup boasting a total capacity of 50 t/h, we redefine the standards of efficiency. The GD1400 hammer mill operates at 30 t/h, offering the flexibility to utilize a roller mill for layer feed, while two existing hammer mills each contribute 10 t/h. Our 6000-liter MultiMix single shaft paddle mixer (30 t/h) and an existing 4000 lt mixer play a crucial role in achieving a homogeneous mixture. Explore the pinnacle of pelleting technology with three Pelleting lines (40 t/h each) featuring the Long Term Vessel (LTV) for optimal conditioning. The CU900/325 dynamic system produces 20 t/h 3mm pellets, complemented by two existing systems each at 10 t/h. Immerse yourself in scale with 15 Finished feed silos (total 915m³) and five Bagging offlines (total 50 t/h), where efficiency and precision converge.

Embrace the Future with City Group and Van Aarsen

Partner with City Group and Van Aarsen as we pave the way for a future where innovation seamlessly blends with tradition. In every feed pellet, witness the echo of excellence – a testament to our commitment to quality, efficiency, and the relentless pursuit of feeding a thriving world.

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Embark on a journey of innovation and tradition with City Group and Van Aarsen, where every feed pellet echoes a commitment to excellence. Partner with us as we shape the future of feed production, blending cutting-edge technology with time-honored values.

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