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Welcome to this feedmill innovation – our groundbreaking project Aurora, in Brazil, a testament to the expertise of Van Aarsen. This facility, with a capacity of 90 tph, exemplifies our commitment to excellence. Let's dive into the features that make this facility stand out

Seamless Material Handling 

Experience the efficiency of our transport system, seamlessly moving materials through the facility – a testament to our commitment to streamlined operations.

Precision Dosing Tailored to Aurora's Needs

Our Dosing Section integrates cutting-edge technology, ensuring the precision needed for Aurora's feed formulations. Tailored solutions for both raw materials and minerals.

Micro Dosing Excellence

Refined for pinpoint accuracy, our Micro Dosing Section adds finesse to small-scale ingredient additions, embodying our dedication to perfection.

Swift and Effective Grinding and Mixing

Optimize production with our Grinding Mixing Section, featuring 2 Hammermills and a high-capacity Paddle Mixer designed for swift and effective processing. Achieving a quick turnaround of 4 minutes and 48 seconds per batch – a hallmark of the Aurora project.

Elevated Pelleting & Conditioning Standards

Our Pelleting and Conditioning Lines, an integral part of the Aurora project, showcase innovative solutions that elevate production capability, with a throughput of 30tph per line.

Optimized Cooling and Crumbling for Superior Quality

Experience superior pellet quality with our cooling and crumbling solutions, maintaining the highest standards for Aurora's feed production. This includes 4x Coating on warm pellets, 4 Cooling , and 4 Crumbler units. While 3 Crumblers are reused, one is new and equipped with a feeding device to control capacity.

Flexible Storage Solutions with reference to Schneider Engineering

Tailor your storage needs with our Finished Feed Section, incorporating insights from Schneider Engineering. Choose between round and rectangular silos, each with its cost implications. The round silos, based on Schneider Engineering insights, offer a cost-effective alternative.

Efficient Loading for Timely Dispatch

Maximize logistics efficiency with our loading systems, ensuring trucks are filled promptly for timely dispatch. This includes the use of six Bulk Robots with loading bellows, enabling simultaneous loading of six trucks – a key feature of the Aurora project.

Optional Flush Section for Cost Efficiency

Optimize costs with our optional Flush Section, where Finished Feed Silos double as a flush silo – a flexible and economically advantageous choice pioneered in the Aurora project.

This Aurora feedmill project stands as a shining example of Van Aarsen's commitment to excellence, delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed the unique needs of clients. Elevate your feed production with the ingenuity that defines this reference project.

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To Aurora, Van Aarsen was the vital link to this project.

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