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Welcome to the aquafeed revolution led by Arowana Agriventures Corporation, an integral business unit of RD Corporation, nestled in the heart of South Cotabato, Philippines since 2013. As a key player in the feed manufacturing landscape, Arowana is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and excellence.

Cutting-Edge Facility

Arowana's fully-automated milling facility, operational since 2013, is a testament to modernity and efficiency. Powered by state-of-the-art machinery meticulously crafted and supplied by Van Aarsen from The Netherlands, our facility stands as a beacon of precision in feed manufacturing.

Laboratory Excellence

Quality is non-negotiable at Arowana. Our modern laboratory, employing both Near-Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy and classical "wet chemistry" methods, ensures a thorough analysis of raw materials and final feed products. This commitment guarantees not only quality but also the safety of our feeds for aqua, livestock, and poultry animals.

Specialized Feed Formulations

Arowana takes pride in our diverse product line, with Arvenco fish feeds tailor-made for milkfish and Arvenco prawn/shrimp feeds designed for species thriving in intensive to highly-intensive shrimp culture systems. Our formulations are crafted to meet the unique nutritional needs of different animal species, ensuring optimal growth and health.

Revolutionizing Shrimp Feed Production

Collaborating with Van Aarsen, Arowana has redefined shrimp feed production. The installation of a 2D high-speed hammer mill ensures a finer grind, while our pellets, produced on a cutting-edge pellet mill with a triple steam mixer, boast a longer retention time. The synergy with feed mill automation allows us to optimize settings specific to shrimp feed requirements, delivering a product of unparalleled quality and strategic investment value.

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Pioneering excellence in aquafeed production, where innovation, precision, and quality converge to shape the future of feed manufacturing. Your journey to aquafeed success begins here.

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