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Welcome to the A'Saffa Foods feed mill located in the heart of Salalah, Oman. Here, you'll witness a demonstration of dedication, guided by the expertise of Van Aarsen. Founded in 2001, A'Saffa Foods has evolved into one of Oman's leading vertically integrated poultry enterprises. Its core activities are concentrated in the Salalah region, home to a state-of-the-art, fully integrated poultry production facility. This facility seamlessly integrates a hatchery, broiler farms, feed mill, and processing plant, all strategically located on a single site. 


A'Saffa made a strategic decision to inaugurate a new feed mill, covering heightened production across various sectors, including farms, hatchery, feed mill, slaughterhouse, and food processing. When selecting the ideal supplier for the feed mill, A'Saffa prioritized criteria such as durability, quality, and energy efficiency. Considering this, Van Aarsen came forward as the perfect choice to design and implement the new 50-ton-per-hour feed mill for A'Saffa Foods.

Intake & dosing

Raw materials are received at the intake hopper and cleaned by a rotary sieve and magnet. From here the raw materials can be transported to the corn silos, soya warehouse, or directly to the dosing silos. From the dosing silos, the raw materials are weighed and dosed in the 6.000 kg macro dosing scale. The incorporated unloading bin guarantees fast unloading of the weighed components and results in short batch cycles. Minerals are received in big bags at a separate dumping pit in the adjacent warehouse of the building and transported mechanically to the mineral dosing silos.

Grinding & mixing

Following this step, the raw materials advance to the grinding and mixing line. Inside the two GD1400 hammer mills, the raw materials are precisely ground to achieve the desired size and structure. The bunkers beneath the hammer mills are equipped with explosion relief mechanisms, which minimize dust and potential spark hazards generated by the hammers, ensuring safety. Additionally, micro-ingredients, packaged in bags, are manually dosed into one of the eight silos. The micro-dosing system allows for a maximum batch weight of 200 kilos.


Next, the micro components undergo precise dosing using hydraulic-operated slides, enabling versatile adjustments in settings, slide speed, and opening. For challenging-flow materials, four silos feature an integrated stirring device. Furthermore, additional components can be introduced via the hand additive bin positioned on top the mixer. All formula components blend seamlessly in the 10,000-liter MultiMix paddle mixer, ensuring a uniform mixture. Oil is added directly into the mixer. To prevent contamination, the liquid piping incorporates an air cleaning function to prevent nozzle dripping during liquid dosing.

Pelleting & conditioning

From the mixer the compound is transported to the press meal bins in one of the two pelleting lines. A dosing screw regulates product transport based on pellet mill load demand, sending it through the long-term vessel towards the steam mixer. By maintaining the meal at a temperature of no less than 85 degrees Celsius for a minimum of 3 minutes, any potential pathogens, such as Salmonella are killed, hygienizing the meal. The hygienized and therefore good-conditioned meal continues to the CU900 XL pellet mills where it is compressed into pellets. The calculated capacity based on A’Saffa’s recipes is close to thirty tons per hour for both pellet mills.


The pellets are cooled down to almost ambient temperature in the Counterflow Cooler TK3000. Due to the rotating pellet distributor, the product is equally cooled while the actual pellet level is measured by an ultrasonic-type continuous level sensor, before exiting the hydraulic discharge mechanism. If required, the pellets can be subjected to a crumbling process. Following the cooling process, the pellets and crumbs undergo sieving to eliminate dust, which is then recycled to the bins above the pellet mills. Finally, the pellets and crumbs are transported to the final feed silos. Here, they are either loaded into bulk trailers using loading bellows or directed straight to the filling station for packaging into 50-kg bags.


With a rich history in the industry, Van Aarsen possesses a deep knowledge of the machines they offer. Combined with their cutting-edge E&IA solutions, this expertise ensures the seamless integration of advanced technologies, resulting in highly efficient, reliable, and innovative solutions for A’Saffa Foods.

In collaboration with A'Saffa Foods in Oman, Van Aarsen has designed a feed mill that perfectly matches their requirements and objectives. This achievement reflects precision engineering and an extensive understanding of the industry.

A perfect fit solution that embodies innovation, quality, and the future of poultry nutrition in Oman.

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