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Van Aarsen improves aqua feed production with precision conditioning. We create pellets in different sizes and hardness levels. Learn about our conditioning process to enhance aqua feed pellet quality. See how extrusion and pellet mill technologies work together for floating, slow sinking, neutral sinking, and sinking feeds.

Extrusion for the production of Fish Feed

Extrusion is a key process in making fish feed, especially for fish that need high energy and easy digestion. With extrusion, we can adjust the bulk density to create feeds suitable for different fish. Some fish prefer floating pellets, while others need pellets that stay stable in the water for a long time. This flexibility makes extrusion an essential method for producing fish feed that meets various fish diet needs.


Sinking Pellets in the Pellet Mill

While extrusion excels in fish feed production, our conditioning process extends its capabilities to produce sinking pellets directly in our pellet mills. This versatility ensures that our technology meets the full spectrum of aqua feed requirements.

Benefit from the advantages of extrusion in fish feed production and the adaptability of our pellet mill for sinking pellets.

For more information about Aqua Feed Solutions, contact Harold Schroijen
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