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The advanced drying process, a crucial step after extrusion to manage high moisture levels. Explore the intricacies of our drying systems, designed to achieve the necessary moisture levels for coating or the final product.

Post-Extrusion Drying Requirement

After extrusion, aqua feed pellets often carry excess moisture, necessitating a drying process. Van Aarsen's drying technology plays an important role in reducing moisture levels and preparing the product for coating or the final product stage.

Multi-Stage Drying for Extruded Pellets

For extruded pellets, our drying process involves distinct stages, ensuring precision in moisture reduction. Each stage is tailored to achieve specific moisture levels, contributing to the overall consistency and quality of the aqua feed pellets.

Gravity Counter Flow Cooling for Pellet Mill Applications

When a pellet mill is applied, Van Aarsen utilizes a gravity Counterflow Cooler for efficient cooling. This technology ensures that the pellets are dried and cooled seamlessly, maintaining the integrity of the pellets and preparing them for the next processing stages.

Experience the advantages of our multi-stage drying process for extruded pellets and gravity Counterflow cooling for Pellet mill applications.

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