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Explore our innovative approach to convey raw materials and semi-finished products through a network of conveyors, bucket elevators, and advanced pneumatic systems. Our commitment to minimizing product damage, ensuring gentle transport, and leveraging gravity for finished feed bins highlights the precision and reliability embedded in our transport solutions.

Low-Contamination Precision

Van Aarsen's transport solutions prioritize low-contamination, ensuring that raw materials and semi-finished products move seamlessly through the production process without compromising quality. This commitment is fundamental to maintaining the integrity of feed ingredients.

Versatile Conveyors and Bucket Elevators

Our transport portfolio includes both horizontal and vertical conveyors and bucket elevators. This versatility allows for adaptable and efficient material movement, catering to the unique demands of various stages within the feed production cycle.

Bucket elevators, conveyors, piping and all other means of transportation provide the connecting elements within the production process. 

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