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Explore our precise crumbling process, where pellets are expertly reduced to crumbs while retaining the advantages of the pelleting process.

Pellet Reduction

The crumbling process is where pellets are reduced to crumbs. Van Aarsen's technology ensures this reduction is achieved with precision, maintaining the inherent advantages of the original pelleting process.

Customized Crumb Size for Optimal Consumption

Recognizing the varied needs of animals and feeding systems, Van Aarsen's crumbling process allows for the customization of crumb sizes. This adaptability ensures that the resulting crumbs align perfectly with the nutritional requirements and consumption patterns of different animal species.


During crumbling pellets are reduced to crumbs. The advantages of the pelleting process are maintained as much as possible. The size of the crumbs is adapted to the need of the animal and the feeding system. Meal intake consumes a lot of energy for an animal; crumbs on the other hand can be quickly and easily consumed.

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