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Dive into the details of our Counterflow cooling process, designed to cool pellets after pelletizing to approximately ± 5°C above ambient air temperature. Discover how this precision cooling not only ensures a good Pellet Durability Index (PDI) but also enhances flowability, protects against decay, and minimizes chemical and biochemical reactions.

Counterflow Cooling System

Our Counterflow cooling system is designed to cool pellets with precision. This advanced technology ensures that the temperature of the pellets is brought to ± 5°C above ambient air temperature, a critical factor in achieving optimal feed pellet quality.

Critical Parameters for PDI and Flow Ability

The cooling process is intricately linked to the Pellet Durability Index (PDI) and flow ability. Van Aarsen's Counterflow cooling system is designed to maintain these parameters at optimal levels, contributing to the overall quality and performance of feed pellets.

Decay Protection and Reaction Minimization

Next to PDI and flow ability, our cooling process plays a crucial role in protecting against decay and minimizing chemical and biochemical reactions. This proactive approach ensures that the integrity of the pellets is preserved, maintaining the nutritional value and quality of the feed.

After extrusion, drying is required due to the high moisture. The product is dried and cooled to the level required for coating or finished product. Extruded pellets are dried and cooled in a dryer with separate stages. When a pellet mill is applied, the pellets will be cooled in a gravity counterflow cooler.

Optimizing Aquafeed Drying and Cooling Processes

Following the extrusion phase, effective drying becomes imperative to address elevated moisture levels in aqua feed production. This critical step involves meticulous drying and cooling of the product to achieve the specific moisture level necessary for coating or the final product.

The extruded pellets undergo a comprehensive drying and cooling process within a specialized dryer featuring distinct stages. This strategic approach ensures precise control and efficient moisture management.

In scenarios where a pellet mill is utilized, the pellets undergo a cooling procedure in a gravity counter flow cooler. This method not only contributes to temperature regulation but also enhances the overall quality of the aqua feed product. Explore our advanced aquafeed processing solutions for optimized drying and cooling performance.

The Van Aarsen counterflow cooling system is designed for cooling pellets after pelletizing back to ± 5°C above ambient air temperature. This is done to achieve a good PDI, flowability, protect against decay and minimize chemical and biochemical reactions. 

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