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At Van Aarsen, we're all about making animal feed better. Our conditioning process is straightforward and effective, focusing on a few key things to ensure top-notch feed quality.

1. Improving nutritional factors in feed

We focus on elevating the nutritional quality of animal feed to ensure a well-rounded and healthy diet for animals.

2. Contamination control through Heating

Our heating process is designed to significantly reduce bacterial counts, minimize fungi formation, and eliminate or reduce pathogenic organisms.

3. Facilitating Starch Gelatinization 

By heating the product, we initiate the gelatinization of starch in ground grain, promoting better digestion and nutrient absorption.

4. Temperature and Moisture Optimization 

Optimizing temperature and moisture levels not only increases pelleting capacity but also enhances pellet PDI (Pellet Durability Index).

5. Steam as an Efficient Lubricant 

Utilizing steam as a lubricant during the pelleting process not only reduces energy consumption but also lowers maintenance costs by minimizing wear and tear on components.

Conditioning is an important stage in feed processing and revolves around three variables: moisture, temperature, and time. This forms the foundation for an optimized conditioning process, which means, multiple benefits for your feed production. 

Conditioning process

The Long Term Conditioner (LTC), consisting of a steam mixer, automatic steam quantity control and a Long Term Vessel (LTV) significantly improves the process of feed conditioning. This has a major effect on biosecurity, optimizing the nutritional quality of the feed and enhancing the pelletability of the product as well as improving the pellet quality. Engineered to enhance your pellet mill operation.

Conditioning is the result of the three variables moisture, temperature and time. As moisture and temperature are related, time is the ultimate variable to enhance the process. Time can be gained with the application of a Long Term Conditioner.

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