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Originally posted on December 17th, 2019.

The Hot Start Steam Mixer is a Van Aarsen innovation that helps improve your conditioning process by ensuring a guaranteed and accurate heat treatment. All the product exiting the Hot Start Steam Mixer has reached the set temperature within ± 3°C tolerance. Combined with its extremely short start-up time, the Hot Start Steam Mixer prevents wastage at batch start-up, shortens the batch time, reduces contamination risks and speeds up your production process. 

Optimizing feed safety and minimizing spoilage

The Hot Start Steam Mixer helps to optimize the feed safety while minimizing spoilage. Safe feed forms the basis for safe food. The Hot Start Steam Mixer helps to optimize the production of safe feed by preventing contamination of further processes by untreated product. As all product exiting the Hot Start Steam Mixer has reached the required temperature, wastage at batch start-up is prevented. Saving not only money. Also from a sustainable perspective it has become ever more important to make sure spoilage of raw materials is minimized.

Save time and money in your feed conditioning process

The hot start steam mixer helps to optimize the conditioning process during feed manufacturing. The first step in the process of conditioning is heat treatment of the meal by the addition of steam in the steam mixer. Steam treatment is necessary to optimize the pelleting process in power consumption and pellet quality. By injecting dry steam, starch gelatinization is induced. The uniquely short batch start-up time of the Hot Start Steam Mixer helps feed millers to maximize capacity while ensuring the desired feed quality, thus keeping feed costs low.

High steam quality guaranteed

Next to the Hot Start Steam Mixer, Van Aarsen has also improved its steam systems. High steam quality is of great importance for quality feed production. Steam quality directly affects the quality of the conditioning process.

The new Van Aarsen steam reducing group is designed to create the right quality of dry, saturated steam. This steam is free from condensate, which helps to control the temperature and the amount of moisture in the conditioner. This ensures a consistent product quality. The removal of excess condensate also ensures a long lifetime of all the components in the steam system by eliminating the risk of water hammer.

Fully in control with a worry-free steam addition

Van Aarsen steam systems ensure high steam quality, accurate dosing and worry-free performance.

Another important improvement is our steam dosing control, which controls the amount of steam that is added to the conditioner. Steam quantity is based on the temperature of the feed exiting the steam mixer and the specified target temperature. The Van Aarsen steam quantity control group comes with all the necessary components to ensure a trouble-free operation and removal of condensate. It accurately manages the output of steam and prevents possible damage to the nutritional value of feed components.

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