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Bucket elevators, conveyors, piping and all other means of transportation provide the connecting elements within the production process. 

Van Aarsen Bucket Elevators are your trusted solution for vertical transportation across a wide range of products, making them ideal for the feed milling and premix industries, catering to different bulk densities.

Our bucket elevators come equipped with cutting-edge features to ensure maximum efficiency, high performance, and user-friendly operation. Belt alignment control and speed monitoring devices are integrated for optimal operational efficiency, mounted on both the pulling and non-pulling sections of the belt.

Safety and durability are key priorities - all motors on our elevators feature an anti-return mode when the elevator is stopped. Accessibility for maintenance and inspection is made easy with the elevator head consisting of three pieces.

Additionally, our bucket elevators feature a belt torsion protection device to prevent belt torsion and potential elevator damage. They are available in four different types, ranging from 180x180 to 400x550, ensuring there's a perfect fit for your specific needs.

Van Aarsen Chain Conveyors are the perfect choice for horizontal and slightly inclined transportation of various products, both granulated and powdered. Designed for dust-proof transport, they efficiently handle high capacities over long distances, making them versatile solutions for your material handling needs. Additionally, they offer product discharge on the intermediate surface, reducing transport length and allowing for transportation on the upper chain.

For minimal wear and reduced energy consumption, our chain conveyors feature 100% nylon scrapers, which provide low frictional resistance. The tension box includes a ruler for precise control of even chain tension, preventing misalignment issues. Optimized alignment ensures minimal wear on the sheet metal.

Our chain conveyors offer flexibility with the drive placement, which can be on the left- or right-hand side, accommodating your specific layout and requirements.

Van Aarsen Screw Conveyors offer a reliable way to transport products from point A to point B, making them a fundamental part of your material handling process in the compound feed industry.

Our screw conveyors are designed for the horizontal and slightly inclined transportation of various products. With an equal pitch over the entire length and a constant speed (rpm), they ensure consistent and efficient product transport. The supply capacity you choose determines the filling degree and outflow capacity, providing flexibility to meet your specific requirements.

For precise extraction and dosing functions, our conveyors include an extraction/dosing screw with an ascending pitch in the inlet section and variable speed control. The rpm settings allow you to tailor the outflow capacity to your needs.

Piping is a fundamental component in the feed mill industry, serving various crucial functions. At Van Aarsen, we offer versatile solutions designed to optimize the gravity conveying of solid bulk goods throughout the production process.

Our piping systems include standard round and square welded piping, as well as modular round piping with clamping rings. Regardless of the system you choose, both options are engineered to provide outstanding flowing properties, ensuring seamless material movement.

From the intake of grains to the production of meal, pellets, and crumbs, our piping systems facilitate the gravity conveying of solid bulk goods at every stage of the process. With excellent flowing properties, you can count on Van Aarsen to deliver reliable and efficient solutions that meet the needs of your feed mill operations.

The slides are designed by Van Aarsen for closing and opening the inlet and outlet of various machines and bins. 

The valve boxes are designed by Van Aarsen for gravity conveying of free flowing, non-glutinous, granular bulk goods. They can also be used to divert a product flow. 

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