Storage equipment

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Storage of bulk goods integrated in the total feed mill configuration is absolutely essential, however big or small the feed mill. The Van Aarsen storage bins and bunkers are another example of how we can help you successfully integrate storage and stock supply. Our flexible solutions have been developed with focus on details for excellent flowing properties and hygiene. 

Our storage equipment at Van Aarsen is meticulously designed to cater to your specific needs. Round angles in our bins and bunkers facilitate efficient product discharge, reducing the risk of product bridging and contamination.

To ensure optimal hygiene, our bins feature beveled ribs that prevent dust accumulation. These ribs are designed to be closed, preventing dirt buildup and corrosion for a clean and hygienic storage environment. Additionally, the interior of our bins is protected against corrosion during transport and storage.

We take safety seriously, which is why our bins and bunkers are prepared for the addition of detectors and beaters as standard features. Moreover, for bins located under the hammer mill, we offer the option to fit them with explosion relief measures, enhancing safety even further.

For a durable and appealing finish, our storage equipment is externally treated with a high-quality paint application. Count on Van Aarsen for reliable and hygienic storage solutions that prioritize both quality and safety for your stored products.

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