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Feed pellets can be produced in several diameters and hardness, by pelletizing raw materials after grinding, mixing and conditioning. The Van Aarsen Pellet Mill range enables capacities up to 70 tons per hour depending on various parameters. They offer low operational costs per ton feed, even down to 1 €/ton, including dies, rollers and wear parts.

This high-capacity process line uses European-made quality machines with in its core this CU1200 Titan Pellet Mill. From the ease of use, ease of maintenance, and compact design to the highest pelleting area in the market and the highest production time. Combining decades of experience, machine design, and engineering expertise with the latest technologies. Resulting in this state-of-the-art pellet mill! 

Download our CU1200 Titan Pellet Mill datasheet here

Proven features and benefits, such as high capacity, flexible production, high automation level, low maintenance costs, high feed quality and easy and safe operation, distinguish the C and CU basic.

Range - Pelleting width
C600 - 225
CU750 - 250 Basic
CU900 - 275/325 Basic
CU900XL Basic

Adding new functionalities

Motor-operated roller adjustment
The motor-operated roller adjustment enables the operator to easily choose the desired roller distance to the die, even when the pellet mill is in full operation. This system offers precise and recipe controlled roller gap settings enabling you to optimize the pellet quality.

Active roller slip control
This system detects roller slip and activates the system to automatically resolve the slip if desired, reducing the downtime of the pellet mill caused by roller slip to nil.It also offers you the opportunity to experiment with the roller distance and steam addition for the recipes to boost feed quality and production efficiency. You can rely on this system while exploring the settings for the most optimum production.

Reduced maintenance costs

Longer lifetime of the die and rollers
Another benefit is the increased life expectancy of the die and rollers up to 30%. By linking the operation of the dosing screw to the roller distance, the rollers will retract when the pellet mill is not producing.

Easy die-cleaning mode
The system is equipped with a die-cleaning mode, enabling the operator to clean the die after a batch. This will also provide a quick start-up of the pellet mill after a standstill because the product doesn’t get the opportunity to “cake” to the die.

Easy-to-clean coating
All critical components are treated with an easy-to-clean coating.

Range - pelleting width

The new Van Aarsen pellet knives are designed to have a longer lifetime, more stability, high wear resistance, and easy handling. These new and improved pellet knives are suitable for the entire C and CU range Pellet Mills and are exchangeable with the old type pellet knives.

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