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During the crumbling process, pellets are reduced to crumbs. The advantages of the pelleting process are maintained as much as possible. The size of the crumbs is adapted to the needs of the animal and the feeding system. Meal intake consumes a lot of energy for an animal; crumbs on the other hand can be consumed quickly and easily.

Van Aarsen Crumblers are engineered to enhance your animal feed production in various ways. Our crumblers come in sizes tailored to the intake abilities and preferences of the animals, ensuring efficient and effective results.

With precise control over particle size distribution, you can fine-tune your feed to meet specific requirements. This control not only optimizes animal nutrition but also minimizes production costs, making our crumblers a cost-effective choice.

The continuous production capability of Van Aarsen crumblers ensures a steady output, keeping your operations running smoothly. Additionally, our crumblers offer flexibility, accommodating various types of pellets and producing the desired crumb size for your specific application.

The Van Aarsen crumbler is equipped with a separately driven dosing roller, ensuring a uniform feed to the machine and achieving optimum utilization of its capacity. The fineness of the end product can be varied by adjusting the distance between the crumbler rollers. 

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