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The Van Aarsen counterflow cooling system is designed for cooling pellets after pelletizing back to approx. 5°C above ambient air temperature. This is done to achieve a good PDI, flowability, protect against decay and minimize chemical and biochemical reactions. 

Our coolers boast octagonal construction, ensuring optimal filling and uniform cooling. With continuous pellet discharge, you'll experience an efficient cooling process that minimizes product damage and maximizes quality. Plus, our coolers guarantee complete emptying, reducing cross-contamination and maintaining the highest hygienic standards.

To further enhance quality control, we employ ultrasonic continuous layer thickness measurement, ensuring precise retention time within the cooler. Our automatic air flow control, managed by a motor-operated air valve, regulates air speed within the cooler, positioned after the filter cyclone and before the fan.

We prioritize durability and corrosion resistance, constructing cooler bin walls and hoods from stainless steel.

The counterflow cooling principle was invented by Van Aarsen and has become a standard blue print, copied all over the world within the compound feed industry. 

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