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The van Aarsen coaters are designed to add fats and soluble additives such as enzymes and probiotics on animal feed pellets. The process plays an increasingly important role in efficient animal feed production, enabling: - to increase energy density of the pellets by higher liquids inclusion levels - adding temperature sensitive and temperature critical components - maintaining the advantages of pellets; preventing dissociation and reducing the development of dust. 

The Van Aarsen Continuous Pellet Coater (CPC) is your ideal solution for achieving higher precision and efficiency in animal feed production. Whether you need to add higher levels of fat, apply multiple liquids, or prioritize accuracy, the CPC is designed to meet your specific requirements.

Our CPC is meticulously crafted to add up to three liquids to cold animal feed pellets just before bulk loading or bagging off. Using a mixing principle, it ensures even distribution and thorough coating of the liquids. The inclusion of liquid nozzles allows for the precise application of these liquids, while automatic nozzle cleaning with air guarantees uninterrupted operation.

For enhanced accuracy, you have the option to integrate weighing equipment into the CPC. Plus, with a construction entirely made of stainless steel and complete insulation, our CPC ensures durability and efficiency for your animal feed production.

The multimix twin shaft pellet coater blends a wide range of additives and up to 3 liquids homogeneously within a short mixing time and a very high accuracy. The mixer is placed just prior to bulk outloading or bagging off.

The Van Aarsen Cascade Liquid Coater is your go-to solution for precise fat application on both hot and cold animal feed pellets. This versatile coater seamlessly integrates under the pellet mill or can be used as a post-pelleting application under a dosing screw, providing flexibility for your operation.

Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the coater features hinged hatches for easy access and maintenance. It allows for switching spray points with precise liquid pressure control and variable product flow, ensuring consistent and accurate application.

To maintain uninterrupted operation, each nozzle set is equipped with air cleaning, effectively preventing dripping and nozzle clogging. The coater's complete insulation enhances energy efficiency and ensures the optimal temperature for your process.

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