Our reputation in service

After sales with Van Aarsen

Maintenance service and spare parts

Our reputation in service

Once your feed mill or premix plant is up and running, the idea is to keep it operating, efficiently and profitably! This is where the Van Aarsen policy of ‘your continued success is our care’ comes into action. Regular maintenance, reliable service, fast response times and the availability of spare parts are crucial when it comes to curbing costs, decreasing downtimes, raising revenues and thus overall performance.

Cost effective operation round the clock

Van Aarsen continuously focuses on improving its after sales service to its customers. Following a successful completion of the project or construction of the plant, our objective is to ensure permanent and reliable after sales service. Van Aarsen provides an immense scope of services that can be applied to small and large operations with the same effect – helping them to remain the best in their field.

Just contact us for any after sales question you have, including:

  • Sales of spare and wear parts
  • Technical assistance – remote (by phone, remote access or e-mail) or on location
  • Handling of complaints

Contact for all other after-sales issues the Van Aarsen skilled Service team. They are ready to help you.

Get the facts right, before putting in a service request

Speed is essential when it comes to putting in a service request and ordering spare parts. The Technical Customer Service department can therefore best be reached by email: service@aarsen.com. Incorrect technical descriptions, faults in a specification, a wrong project number or other errors create confusion and cost time. Your request can be processed best when you fill in the service request form or indicate the following details in your e-mail:

  • Customer name
  • Location of the feed mill
  • Contact details of the customer, including email address and telephone number
  • Data of the installation, such as project number, machine type and serial number registered on the type plate of the machine
  • In case of a request for parts: part number – to be found in the manual and or parts list, which was handed over with the installation – and quantity
  • In case of other requests please provide a clear description

Please provide images to support your request

How we handle your service request

  • Each application is registered the same day
  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail with a unique application number. We will be mentioning this number in all correspondence and ask you to do the same
  • Quotation requests are processed within 5 working days
  • Orders are processed within 2 working days
  • Other applications will be completed on the basis of urgency

After sales – service request form

Location of the feed mill

Data about the installation

Maximum file size: 2mb Allowed file types: gif, png, jpg, jpeg, pdf, doc, docx

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