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Van Aarsen. The vital link to your feed chain

Without feed, animals can’t survive. That’s an ultimate reality. Van Aarsen is developer, manufacturer and supplier of state of the art machines and complete feed mill and premix plant solutions for the production of animal feed, aqua feed and premixes worldwide. Among our customers are integrators and commercial producers of feed, as well as premix and concentrates manufacturers.

Our expertise improves the animal feed and premix production and enhances quality of the feed. Our practical philosophy is backed by our innovation drive to not only satisfy present demands but also anticipate future needs. Van Aarsen operates in a market that is defined by the ‚agro feed’ chain, which is governed and regulated by aspects such as health, hygiene, safety and environment. We are indispensably linked to this chain and as such, our positioning is intimately connected to it.

Van Aarsen. The vital link to your feed chain
is a clear, explicit statement about where our company stands in the market. It summarizes the essential nature of the role that we play in cooperating with you to help you achieve optimal solutions in the production of compound feed and premixes. Our company and its employees are a vital link in working with you… in sharing our process know-how… in setting quality standards… in planning performance agreements… and in developing innovation.

About us

When high quality equipment is the key to your success.
When even the smallest detail can make a big difference.
And when a single machine or component must be the strongest link in the feed production chain. Then Van Aarsen is your vital link!

The men and women of Van Aarsen

Tradition is part of our DNA. We are proud to be part of a respected company with a name that is looked up to in the industry since 1949 as one of most respected manufacturers and developers of machinery in animal feed and premix production. We are stable workers and solid in our beliefs of delivering quality and perfection.

What we do

We produce and develop state of the art machines, and complete feed mill and premix plant solutions. We provide optimal expertise and certainty. We have become a worldwide “household name” in machines and turnkey projects for the animal feed and premix technology, both for commercial producers and for vertically-integrated businesses.

How we do it

In a solid, approachable, businesslike way, that is based on a long-term relational partnership and commitment.

Why we do what we do

Feed is vital.
Feed is growth.
Feed is progress.
Feed makes life as we know it possible!


Van Aarsen International was founded in 1949 in The Netherlands, a country with a long agricultural tradition.

Through more than 70 years of experience in several industries, Van Aarsen has built-up a broad knowledge and wide experience in every area of the feed technology and premix industry and has developed into one of the world’s leading companies in the feed and premix process technology.


Feed Design Lab

Van Aarsen is partner of Feed Design Lab (FDL): the research and education center for innovation and sustainability in the feed industry. Within the Feed Design Lab, feed & technology companies collaborate internationally in an open innovation network to realize a sustainable ‘agro-feed’ chain. To achieve this, a production facility has been completed where:

  • Research takes place into new raw materials and ingredients
  • Healthy feed can be developed which contributes to the health of humans and animals
  • New production techniques can be tested for the purpose of a safe working environment, lower energy consumption/carbon footprint and the improvement of feed production processes.
  • Training activities are organized.

For more information, please visit

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Food Tech Indonesia

Van Aarsen participates in the Food Tech Indonesia initiative. FoodTechIndonesia (FTI) is a public-private initiative combining the strengths of Dutch companies active in the poultry value chain to improve and strengthen the poultry sector in Indonesia, in close cooperation with their Indonesian counterparts.

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Vision Ambition Mission


Van Aarsen wants to play an important role in meeting the demands for protein rich food.
We are confident that – with a focus on animal feed and premix production technology combined with offering certainty, quality and knowledge sharing – we offer our customers maximum added value.


We want to belong to the top in feed and premix technology in the world


Van Aarsen supplies machines and complete factories for the sustainable production of compound feed and premixes to feed mills and premix plants. We offer you the certainty of an investment that provides maximum added value.

  • Based on thorough process knowledge and our extensive experience, we define with you the optimal solution.
  • Together with you we reach concrete agreements on performance of machines and installations with process control.
  • We guarantee excellent quality and reliable machines with a long lifetime and high performance by combining full expertise in all disciplines under one roof.
  • A careful approach and cooperation with you are important for us. We coordinate the entire project, from concept to completion – with our own people.
  • We find knowledge sharing and continuous innovation of great importance in order to realize maximum performance and even better solutions, now and in the future.

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