Van Aarsen: winner of the E-Novation award for new feeding device for the GD Hammer mill during VIV Asia

Van Aarsen celebrates a successful day at VIV Asia. Winning the e-novation award makes us proud. It proves that our innovations are valued in the market place.  As Van Aarsen, we invest continuously in new developments. This is how we help our clients face challenges of lowering costs, improving quality and maximizing performance.

New feeding device for the GD Hammer mill

The new feeding device is the result of developing new techniques for minimizing explosion risk without compromising the efficiency and quality of the grinding process. The innovative feeding device integrates a heavy parts separator for metal objects, stones, and other heavy objects. The heavy parts separator detects such objects and removes them to prevent them from being fed into the hammer mill and causing sparks.

Besides minimizing the risk of explosion, Van Aarsens new feeding device with heavy parts separator also prevents damage to the screens. This greatly increases the service life of the screens and significantly reduces machine downtime and maintenance.

The new feeding device has a compact design and can easily be integrated into the GD hammer mill and the automatic screen exchange.

Watch the Grinding line video with the new feeding device