Satarehu feed company – Finland

Turn-key feed mill 25-30 tph

As a result of successful projects executed in Finland, Van Aarsen came into contact with a group of broiler producers who had plans to start their own feed mill called Satarehu feed company. After an intense pre-engineering stage, Van Aarsen was awarded the contract to build the new feed mill. Satarehu feed company specializes in producing hygienic feed mixtures of high quality for broiler production. The feed plant is located in Vampula, which is very centrally located in terms of chicken production and surrounded by excellent grain farming areas.

The feed mill includes all facilities for optimal production of poultry feed. From raw materials intake, cleaning systems, accurate dosing systems, a modern grinding and mixing line, state of the art pelleting equipment up until an efficient out loading system.

The entire process is controlled from the central control room by an advanced computerized control system.

The complete feed mill was assembled within a tight time schedule.