Nutrivia – Safir Group – Romania

Feed mill 15 tph

Safir, a poultry processing company based in Vaslui in Romania strives to make the best possible high-quality products and make them affordable for the local market.

The Nutrivia feed mill plays an important role in the integrated process of production of SAFIR group, as it allows a close supervision of the product quality even from the early stage and provides food for the poultry raised in the own units, then merchandised under the brand Deliciosul de Vaslui.

The new production facility represents an investment of approximately 6.000.000 € and provides more than 40 new jobs, being recruited from the local community. The plant, build by Van Aarsen, has a processing capacity of 15 tons pelleted feed per hour. It covers an area of ​​about 2ha including silos for raw materials and finished feed.