Las Camelias – Argentina

Turn-key Poultry Feed Mill 60 tph

To meet the market demands, Las Camelias, a family company operating an integrated poultry production chain, decided to build a new feed mill with a capacity of 60 tph.

The order was granted to Van Aarsen. The feed mill of Las Camelias was designed to achieve the highest level of efficiency and hygiene in order to meet market demands.

Feed mill process main facts and figures

  • The factory has one grinding – mixing line for 60 tph consisting of one wide body GD hammermill and a multimixer.
  • The GD hammer mill is executed with a frequency controlled motor. With this provision the same hammer mill can produce fine meal and meal with a more coarse structure used as finished product for chicken. It also serves as an energy saver.
  • Micro components will be automatically added to the multimixer by means of the Van Aarsen SID unit.
  • The 2 Van Aarsen pelleting lines have each a Long Time Condtioner (LTC). In the long term conditioner the meal is hygienised in order to produce Salmonella-free feed and ensure production according to the latest hygiene standards.
  • All transport equipments inside the feedmill are designed to minimize contamination and supplied by Van Aarsen.
  • The plant automation system allows for an accurate control and command of the process at all stages, guaranteeing the required product quality at the given capacity.