Kalmar Lantmän – Sweden

Feed mill 100 tph

“Totally it has been from my point of view as the managing director a very successful project when you talk about erecting the building, the installation of the machines, and the level of the technology in the machines etcetera: very good” Sais Claes-Göran Nilsson, Managing Director at Kalmar Lantmän.

Kalmar lantmän decided to replace their two existing feed mills by building a new one in order to create lower production costs per ton animal feed with a high level of flexibility. At the same time they required vast improvements in hygienic production, ATEX and fire safety with a considerable reduction in labour and energy costs.

The additional advantages Van Aarsen had to offer created the confidence to award the contract to Van Aarsen.

  • Smaller building
  • One contact person for the entire project
  • The production of high quality products
  • Wide experience, know-how and expertise and being able to offer no-nonsense advice

At Kalmar Lantmän all requirements have been taken into consideration.

  • Separate production lines for pigs, chicken and cattle feed to prevent contamination
  • A very extensive raw material dosing system for macro and micro components
  • High capacity hammer mills with automatic screen exchange for high flexibility
  • Long conditioning times for the hygienization of the feed and destruction of salmonella
  • Bulk out loading robots for rapid charging of the bulk carriers
  • An extensive intelligent automation system for maximum production control