Edinstvo – Argo Kom – Ukraine

Complete feed mill 20 tph

Argo Kom, a daughter company of the Edinstvo Group, has invested in a new livestock and concentrates production unit in a completely renovated concrete structure in Novomoskovsk. The feed production unit has a capacity of 20 tons per hour.

The lay-out and design of this installation has been totally carried out by Van Aarsen in cooperation with the Edinstvo’s shareholders and their advisory body. This design has made future allowances to extend the feed mill to twice its capacity, if required. Furthermore the feed mill is designed in such a way that concentrate feed can be produced just as efficiently.

The project consists of a dosing section with seven separate weighing units, a mineral, concentrate and premix section with highly accurate dosing equipment (Van Aarsens SID and MID dosing units). The 20 tph grinding and mixing line includes the newest Van Aarsen innovations, the GD Hammer Mill and Twin Shaft MultiMix , double shaft paddle mixer. The pelleting line also comprises a pellet coating and blending section with a double shaft weighing paddle mixer.

All equipment is designed according to the latest standards and European regulations. The design ensures that contamination is kept to a minimum.

The complete plant automation system will be carried out by Van Aarsen. The system enables the complete production process to take place by remote control and includes a batch controlling system.