Boerenbond Deurne in Helmond – Netherlands

Bulk out loading robot scales

Boerenbond Deurne is a major feed cooperative in the Netherland, producing about 600.000 tons of feed annually in three feed mills.

The bulk outloading system of the Boerenbond Deurne feed mill in Helmond, the Netherlands was up-graded by installing two new high capacity bulk outloading robot scales.
Van Aarsen International BV designed, produced and installed the new robot scales in close cooperation with the staff of Boerenbond Deurne.

  • The new robot scales are guided to their positions by means of an accurate laser guiding system and the frequency controlled all-wheel drive system allows for fast acceleration and high driving speeds.
  • Integrated in the robot scales is a two deck rotary sieve with lumps catcher. This rotary sieve enables pellets to be sieved just before out-loading to minimize the amount of fines in the delivered product.
  • The robots are designed for batches of 4 tons and can handle pelleted feed, crumbles and mash feed.
  • A separate scale for the separated fines provides the automation system with information to keep the stock records up-to-date.

The feed mill in Helmond is the biggest production site of Boerenbond Deurne and to minimize the interruption of feed distribution, the new robot scales had to be installed in two consecutive weekends with the installation crews working 24/7 to minimize the stops.