Agrifirm – Wanssum Netherlands

Dosing facility

Van Aarsen International BV expanded the small ingredient handling and dosing systems at the Agrifirm production facility in Wanssum, the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands Agrifirm is the biggest feed producing company with 11 feed mills and an annual production of 3.3 million tons.
Their feed mill in Wanssum was originally built by Van Aarsen in 1994 as a turnkey project. Increasing numbers of recipes with many different small ingredients, urged for an expansion of their handling and dosing system for the small ingredients.

Van Aarsen installed a new unloading station for big-bags and small bags to enable pneumatic transport of the small ingredients to the top of the feed mill. The pneumatic system fills 24 new small ingredient silo’s which are mounted above a flexible dosing system with “scale in scale” concept for quick and accurate dosing. This new system vastly reduces the manual handling of components and makes life a lot easier for the operators.