Nominated for e-Novation Award VIV Asia – new feeding device for Hammer mill with built-in heavy parts separator

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Operational safety starts with innovative thinking

Reduce the risk of dust explosions with our new feeding device with built-in heavy parts separator. By preventing stones and heavy parts from entering the hammer mill, the explosion risk is minimized and the lifetime of the screens will increase. This compact new feeding device is designed to fit perfectly with the GD hammer mill and the automatic screen exchange.

e-Novation Award VIV Asia

We have been nominated for the e-Novation award with our Feeding device for our Hammer mill.
The Van Aarsen feeding device separates Ferro and other heavy parts to minimize explosion risk and ensures a longer lifetime of the Hammer mill and the sieves. This complete Van Aarsen grinding line is unique and the best on the market with regard to safety, flexibility, capacity and quality.

New Feeding Device