Visit to Van Aarsen as part of the production course at the Feed Design Lab

Today 12 members of the Bristol Corn & Feed Trade Association visited Van Aarsen to learn more about the feed production process and how this influences the nutritional value of the feed. They attended a Production course at the Feed Design Lab, who organized the visit to Van Aarsen as part of the course.

After an introduction of Van Aarsen,  the main machines used for feed production were presented.  This was followed by a presentation of Hans Boonen explaining the influences of machine choices  on the nutritional value and physical characteristics of the end-product

We were pleased to notice that all attendees were very impressed by the fact that Van Aarsen is not only a quality machine supplier but also holds a high level of knowledge about the animal feed production process.

We love to share this knowledge with our customers as we at van Aarsen believe that sharing know-how and co-creation are essential in finding the perfect fit that give our customers a competitive edge.