Meet our Manager Technical Customer Service: Ronald Heemels

Since the beginning of 2020, Ronald Heemels is our new Manager Technical Customer Service. Having 20 years of experience in service, Ronald knows like no other, that once a feed mill is up and running, it is very important to keep it operating, efficiently and profitable. He believes that the key to success is about creating partnerships with customers. Partnerships that are built on trust. This can only be achieved by working together, both internally and externally, in a clear and proper way.

Ronald and his team are continuously focusing on improving the After Sales Service of Van Aarsen. Following a successful completion of the project or construction of the plant, their objective is to ensure permanent and reliable after sales service. Van Aarsen proves an immense scope of services that can be applied to small and large operations with the same effect – helping them to remain the best in their field.

The Technical Customer Service department offers various services, like:

  • Sales of spare and wear parts
  • Technical assistance – remote (by phone, remote access or e-mail) or on location

Ronald and his team are ready to help you! You can contact them by email:
or fill in the Service Request Form at our website:


‘’Your continued success is our care!’’