NUEVO – La peletizadora CU Dynamic le ofrece tasas de operación y producción optimizadas

Introduction of new generation pellet mill

We were proud to introduce the new CU Dynamic pellet mill. This new generation pellet mills provides you optimized operation and production rate by its motor operated roller adjustment and active rollers slip control.

Easily choose the desired roller distance to the die

The robust designed motor-operated roller adjustment enables the operator to easily choose the desired roller distance to the die, even when the pellet mill is in full operation. Together with the intelligent software, this system offers great benefits in pellet mill operation and maintenance requirement planning.

Save on maintenance

Another benefit is the increase of life of the die and rollers up to 30%. By linking the operation of the dosing screw to the roller distance, the rollers will retract when the pellet mill is not producing. Furthermore, the system is equipped with a die cleaning mode, enabling the operator to clean the die after a batch. This will also provide a quick start-up of the pellet mill after a standstill, because the product doesn’t get the opportunity to cake onto the die.

A trouble free pelleting process

The active rollerslip control is an intelligent system designed to optimize the pellet mill production rate. This system detects rollerslip and activates the system to automatically resolve the slip if desired, reducing the downtime of the pellet mill due to rollerslip to nil. It also offers you the opportunity to experiment with the roller distance and steam addition for the recipes to boost the feed quality and production efficiency. You can rely on this system while exploring the settings for the most optimum production.