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Sieving of raw materials may take place at the beginning of the process or after pelleting and crumbling and is intended to separate sizes.

By sieving the raw materials first, the grinding process is optimized and energy can be saved. Smaller sizes do not need to be grinded.

By sieving pellets and crumbles fines are sorted out, improving the quality of the end product. The fines itself are returned into the process preventing waste of raw materials



  • Van Aarsen Sieves

The Van Aarsen SEL is especially suitable for sieving raw material. It is primarily intended for separating sizes from 0.1-30 mm, and can handle input dimensions up to around 50 mm.


The van Aarsen G-Sizer is a compact machine with high screening efficiency. It is especially suitable for sieving pellets and crumbles.

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