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Animal feed pellets can be produced in several diameters and hardness, by pelletizing raw materials after grinding, mixing and conditioning.

The Van Aarsen C and CU pellet mill range enable capacities up to 60 tons per hour depending on various parameters. They offer low operational costs per ton feed, even down to 1 €/ton, including dies, rollers and wear parts.

In a nutshell
Pellet Mill

The robust designed motor-operated roller adjustment enables the operator to easily choose the desired roller distance to the die, even when the pellet mill is in full operation. Together with the intelligent software, this system offers great benefits in pellet mill operation and maintenance requirement planning.


The active roller slip control is an intelligent system designed to optimize the pellet mill production rate. This system detects roller slip and activates the system to automatically resolve the slip if desired, reducing the downtime of the pellet mill due to roller slip being decreased to nil.


Flexible production: Optimal die speed configuration, depending on the PDI and capacity. Speed 4.7 up to 9.4 m/s and a frequency controlled motor; speed can be tuned for the various recipes.


High automation level: trending of various parameters, such as Pellet Mill load, temperature of the product and capacity. It is also possible to view this information back in time. Logging of alarms: possibility to check for parameters during present and past alarms.


High feed quality; better physical (hardness and durability) and chemical (gelatinisation, pathogenic germs, etc.) quality of the pellets is possible, in combination with a tuned recipe and die configuration.


Next to the proven C pellet mill range Van Aarsen recently introduced the next generation CU pellet mill range. The CU pellet mills are available in a Basic, Dynamic and Dynamic Plus version, featuring the latest developments in the field of pelleting.

C / CU Basic

Proven features and benefits, such as high capacity, flexible production, high automation level, low maintenance costs, high feed quality and easy and safe operation, distinguish the C and CU basic.

C500, C600
CU750 Basic, CU900 Basic and CU900XL Basic

CU Dynamic

The CU Dynamic pellet mills are fitted with motor-operated roller adjustment with active roller slip control.

Motor-operated roller adjustment
This feature provides a simple operation, with less wear of the die and rollers and an optimization of the operating conditions for each individual recipe.

Active roller slip control
This feature provides a trouble free pelleting process of all recipes and the opportunity to optimize production settings.

CU750 Dynamic, CU900 Dynamic and CU900XL Dynamic

CU Dynamic Plus

In addition to the features and benefits of the C and CU Dynamic version, the CU Dynamic Plus range also offers:
Closed-loop oil lubrication system.

Closed-loop oil lubrication system
This feature eliminates contamination of the feed with grease. It reduces maintenance requirement and lubrication costs are brought back to a minimum.

In short: optimal performance of the pellet mill with minimum man power and at the lowest operational costs!

CU750 Dynamic Plus, CU900 Dynamic Plus and CU900XL Dynamic Plus

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