• There’s a strong link between our expertise and the quality of your machine

Equipped for excellence

Van Aarsen. The vital link to your feed chain

Our positioning The vital link…also stands for the technology we offer – the machines and operating systems that we deliver. For maximum benefit to the feed miller, farmer and livestock, giving animals the feed they need, to grow and live healthy.

Your benefits

Van Aarsen machines, produced at our facilities in The Netherlands, include: weighing and dosing systems, hammer mills, batch mixers, liquid mixers, conditioners, pellet mills, counter-flow coolers, crumblers, transport equipment and storage silos. Designed and constructed to lift production capacity and lower operational costs, meeting your demands of:

– Minimizing maintenance
– Minimizing energy consumption
– Maximizing food safety
– Maximizing easy and safe operation

Our equipment fulfills to standards like CE, ATEX, GMP and HACCP.

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